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Advantages and durability of black film faced plywood
- Feb 04, 2019 -

The black film faced plywood is covered with a film on the aluminum alloy substrate. It is made of high-gloss film or phantom film, and the surface is coated with professional adhesive. The coated sheet is bright and lustrous, and can be selected for a wide variety of colors, waterproof, fireproof, excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-staining ability, and excellent UV protection performance. Different brands of laminated sheets have different materials and thicknesses, and the materials and thickness of the coatings are different. There is also a building laminated board made of poplar wood and other materials.

Advantages of black film faced plywood
1. Anti-smoke: It is made of PVC high-gloss film and easy to clean.
2, wear resistance: special PET layer, sturdy and durable.
3, anti-humidity: surface film, reduce the direct contact between water and aluminum, and strong durability.
4, good touch: the surface has a film, the touch is smooth, changing the metal material cold and single feeling.
5, more colors: a variety of colors to choose from.
6, the price is moderate, cost-effective.


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