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Advantages and stability of MDF board for external door
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The surface of the MDF in the outdoor door is very smooth and flat, the material is fine and stable, the edge of the whole product is firm, and the surface of the plate is well decorated. The nail holding force of the MDF of the product is worse than that of the particle board. Loose, it is difficult to fix in the same position.

Advantages of the outdoor door MDF

1. The MDF in the outdoor door is easy to be finished, and all kinds of paints and paints can be evenly coated on the MDF, which is the preferred substrate for the paint effect.

2. The MDF is also a beautiful decorative plate.

3. Various veneers, printing paper, PVC, adhesive film, melamine impregnated paper and light metal sheets can be finished on the surface of the MDF.

4. Hard MDF is punched and drilled, and can also be made into sound absorbing panels for use in architectural decoration projects.

5. Excellent physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problems.



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