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Analysis of different working states of royalstar automatic clutch
- Dec 17, 2018 -

The different working conditions of the washing machine are often closely linked with the royalstar automatic clutch. In the washing or stopping, the pawl (shifting fork) dials the ratchet (gear) through a certain angle, so that the wrap spring and the clutch sleeve are loosened and enters the washing state, and the motor is driven by the belt to drive only the washing shaft to rotate.


In the process of dehydration, the pawl only catches the ratchet, and the retaining spring holds the royalstar automatic clutch clutch sleeve and the dehydration shaft, so that the clutch sleeve and the dehydration shaft rotate simultaneously. When the torsion spring is washing, hold the dewatering shaft to prevent the dewatering bucket from rotating. The brake steel belt controls the brakes after dehydration. During washing, the dial rotates at a low speed. When dehydrating, the dewatering bucket rotates at a high speed. When washing, the motor rotates with the lower part of the washing shaft, and is cooled by the planetary reducer and then transmitted to the upper half of the washing shaft to drive the dial to rotate. The speed reduction ratio is 1/4.8.


In the dehydration stage, royalstar automatic clutch spring holds the lower part of the washing shaft and the lower part of the dewatering shaft. The movement is transmitted directly to the upper half of the dewatering shaft through the inner ring gear, which drives the dewatering bucket to rotate. At this time, the planetary reducer does not work.



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