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Common defects and repairing methods of plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Plywood the most common types of shortcomings are: cracks, corner degumming, drums, plate surface part and not only the shortcomings of vague, such as the shortcomings of the plywood area is not very large, which requires us to use some small ways to repair it. 

If the phenomenon of cracks, falling joints, we can be based on the size of the plywood cracks to determine the method of repair. Narrow gap with putty, seam width local can Ouyong wood strips, and adhesive adhesion after sanding treatment. If it is a small vague directly with putty, if this is large, it is necessary to carry out the dig, the method is to use end face milling cutter defective parts, cut the same color veneer patch, glue inlay, pressing the patch to make it strong adhesion, will dig parts scrub clean. 

If the plate surface part can not only use manual or electric plane planing may be sanded. Putty to repair the shortcomings is a better way, because the production of putty relatively simple, low price, operation is brief, less labor.

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