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Engineering properties and requirements for high humidity-resistant exterior plywood
- Nov 12, 2018 -

High-humidity outdoor plywood can be selected to different extents according to the nature of the project, the location of use and environmental conditions, and the plywood of different types, grades, materials and decoration and format. The high-humidity outdoor plywood decoration should be made of precious wood planed veneer veneer. Plywood.

The products used in the interior decoration of high-humidity outdoor plywood should effectively meet the requirements of the regulations. In operation, the concealed parts of the damp and the high waterproof requirements should be considered for the selection of Class I or Class II plywood. Class I plywood should be used for plywood.

The panel decoration of high humidity-resistant exterior plywood needs to use transparent varnish. To some extent, it is necessary to preserve the natural color and texture of the wood surface. The choice of panel material, pattern and color should be emphasized; if it is not necessary to consider the pattern and color of the panel, it should also be based on the environment. And the reasonable selection of plywood grades and categories.

High-humidity outdoor plywood is usually made into standard-sized flat rectangular building material panels (such as plywood, metal panels, concrete slabs, and plastic panels) for wall, ceiling, or floor components.


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