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How to safely store plywood in spring
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The first is in the production, because the plywood in the process of demand for exposure, but the north of the spring is more windy, so watch out for the cleanliness of the plate is very important, do not touch the sand and other plywood manufacturers need to watch the first problem.

Secondly, in the storage of the plate, as far as possible from the source of fire, in the Treasury also do not display fireworks, and ready to save the device, so that can prevent the occurrence of fire in many ways. The plates we produce are wood, so no water is present in the storeroom, so the sheets are not damp or the glue drops above. Many manufacturers will choose open-air storage, so it is best to put plastic sheeting on the plate to conceal, avoid rain and other wet plate.

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