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Instructions for use of marine plywood for engineering material
- Nov 05, 2018 -

When the marine plywood for engineering material, four wooden rafts of about 100mm are used at the bottom of the plate. The plate should not be placed directly on the ground. The height of the plate should not exceed two meters. Marine materials for engineering materials should be stored away from direct sunlight, dry and ventilated environment.

When engineering materials are used to affix various veneer materials to the surface of the marine board, it is necessary to first clean the surface of the board with dust, dirt, oil stains, etc., and then polish it with 360# woodworking sandpaper, and paste it with a professional adhesive for the facing material. If the air humidity is greater than 80%, it is not suitable for the construction of the pasting facing material.

When processing marine plywood for engineering material, it is recommended to take a few sheets of materials before testing. If it is caused by unnecessary mass production without trial, it is not within the scope of responsibility.

Marine board products for engineering materials

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