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MDF board for CNC routing has good gas permeability and heat preservation
- Jan 28, 2019 -

The MDF board for CNC routing is uniform in material and compact in layer structure, smooth and smooth surface, not easy to deform, stable in performance, smooth and delicate on edges, not easy to collapse, stratified, non-toxic, tasteless, no Radiation and breathability are good.

The MDF board for CNC routing has good thermal insulation performance, no aging, strong adhesion, static bending strength, tensile strength, water content, nail holding power, water swelling ratio and formaldehyde content. /T117181-999, GBl8580-2001 national standard (inner strength of up to O.74Mpa water absorption thickness expansion rate of less than 3%, water content of about 5%).
Medium-density fiberboard is finer than ordinary particleboard, and the finish is flat, can't be drum, and is not layered, which can greatly reduce the amount of material used. The medium density fiberboard is mainly used to detect the formaldehyde emission and structural strength. The medium density fiberboard is classified into E1 grade, E2 grade and E0 grade according to the formaldehyde emission amount, and the formaldehyde emission amount is generally not more than 30mg/100g.


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