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Okoume BS1088 marine grade plywood use range and advantages
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Okoume BS1088 marine grade plywood is mainly produced in strict accordance with its BS1088 marine plywood international standard. Okoume BS1088 marine plywood meets the environmental F4 standard and has excellent weather resistance when used. It can be boiled 72 Do not open the glue in hours.

Okoume BS1088 marine plywood use range

1. Okoume BS1088 marine plywood is manufactured by the ship industry. Its car body is manufactured: offshore buildings such as wharfs and ports.

2. Outdoor timber structure, wooden structure house, villa wall and floor, outdoor garden furniture.

3. Outdoor open-air stage, large-scale exhibition decoration project, various construction and decoration projects.

4. High-grade furniture production, wooden floor substrate, wooden floor mat.


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