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Performance advantages and density requirements for sustainable flooring material for building
- Dec 20, 2018 -

In the process of using sustainable floor substrates for construction, the wood must be sufficiently fresh, and must not have dead wood and excessive bark. "Otherwise, the woody advantages of wood fiber will be reduced, the strength of the floor will be insufficient, and the service life will be shortened."

Secondly, to ensure that the density of the different wood materials used is close, it is best to use a single wood species. In order to better control the purity and freshness of the wood species, the production enterprise is best built in the wood growing place, using fixed tree species, thus ensuring the uniform physical properties of the wood fiber for manufacturing the wooden floor, and the mechanical processing performance is consistent. With such conditions, wood flooring can have a more stable quality.

The density of sustainable floor materials for construction is good, mainly because the density of the substrate affects the physical and mechanical properties of the product, and can directly affect the quality of the floor to a certain extent. The density of the floor is required to be ≥0.80g in national standards. /cm3. Identify the small cockroaches: feel the weight of the floor by hand. By comparing the weight of the two floors, the good floor is generally dense and the hand feels more heavy; the floor substrate particles are uniform and non-mosquito, and the touch feels hard, while the inferior floor substrate has coarse particles, different shades and burrs.

The water absorption thickness expansion rate reflects the moisture resistance of the product. The lower the index, the better the moisture resistance. In the current national standard for laminate flooring, the water absorption thickness expansion rate requirement is ≤2.5% (excellent product). Identification of small defects: use a small piece of floor test pieces to soak in normal temperature water for 24 hours, see the thickness expansion, the small expansion quality is better.



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