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Physical process and use advantages of brown film faced plywood for formwork
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The brown film faced plywood for formwork is a physical process, and a layer of aluminum sheet is pressed by high temperature and high pressure, and the main advantage of the template is the brown laminated board.

1. Anti-smoke: It is made of PVC high-gloss film and easy to clean.

2. Wear-resistance: Unique PET layer, sturdy and durable.

3. Anti-moisture: The surface is coated to reduce the direct contact between water and aluminum, and the durability is strong.

4. Good touch: There is a film on the surface, and the touch is smooth, which changes the feeling of the metal material being cold and cold.

5. More colors: a variety of colors to choose from.

6. The price is moderate and the price is good.

The surface effect of the template with the brown coated board is crystal clear, colorful, and long-lasting without discoloration. Soft touch, colorful surface color, very environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, easy to clean, light weight and good fire resistance when used. At present, the best laminating products are expensive and have a life span of 20-30 years.


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