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Plywood Hot Pressing process
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The hot pressing process of plywood is as follows: Hot pressing time: Single Board dip collapse backstage has l6 a 24% of resin, in the hot-pressing curing process condensation reaction, to release a lot of heat, the thickness of the product is super large, release heat is greater. Therefore, the product thickness of more than 25 mm, the thickness of each millimeter of the pressure of 4 minutes; product thickness of less than 25 mm, each millimeter product thickness, pressure 5 minutes. The hot-pressing time is calculated from the unit pressure and the temperature of the hot plate when it reaches the value of the rule.

Hot-Pressing TEMPERATURE: Plate temperature: 40,150 degrees Celsius, hot-pressing temperature: 1,451,150 degrees Celsius, slab pressure plate temperature: 40,150 degrees Celsius. 

The time required for self-loading plate temperature to rise to hot-pressing temperature: product thickness is greater than 25 mm: 30,140 (min); product thickness is less than 25 mm: 20,125 (min).

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