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Plywood How to partition joinery
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Plywood veneer is mostly the whole, but also allow the display splicing, the central layer of the two symmetrical layers of the veneer need to be the same thickness, the same tree species or function close to the tree species, but also to ensure that their processing methods together, the same texture direction. Generally, there are four kinds of plywood, which are weather-resistant plywood, water-resistant plywood, moisture-resistant plywood and anti-tide plywood. 

Joinery Board of the manufacture of raw materials is a plank, the plank splicing to get joinery board, its two surface is glue veneer wood veneer, attributed to solid plate. Veneer is the table board, the surface is close to the core plate is the plate. In principle to allow the existence of quality differences in the table, can be single-sided sanding, double-sided sanding or both sides are not sanding. The core board of Joinery board needs to be the same tree species or the function near the tree species, the water content reaches the 6-12%, does not allow to have the big vague and the crack.

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