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Production process of flooring material for building and quality of fiberboard
- Feb 15, 2019 -

The flooring material for building is the main part of the laminate flooring during the production process. In use, the high-density fiberboard is usually used as the substrate, and the high-density fiberboard of the high-quality laminate flooring is produced during use. Quality is affected by many factors, such as tree species and tree species mix, production process, type of adhesive, sizing process, or application of water repellent.

The quality of laminate flooring produced by different quality high density fiberboards varies. The laminate flooring made of high-quality high-density fiberboard has high strength, good impact resistance, moisture resistance, good stability, no warpage, and low formaldehyde emission. Laminate flooring made of low-quality high-density fiberboard will not meet the standard requirements and usage requirements.

The cost core of laminate flooring for building flooring The more than 90% of the materials in laminate flooring come from the substrate, which is also the main cost structure of laminate flooring, accounting for about 60%-70%. Generally, according to the standard, the substrate can be divided into qualified products, first-class products and superior products: according to the level of formaldehyde emission, it can be divided into E2 and E1.


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