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Reason and solution of low strength of plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Reasons for low strength or degumming of plywood: The quality of the glue is poor, the glue quantity is short or the coating is not uniform; aging time too long, the glue has been dry or aging time is too small, the glue does not form a continuous film; pressure is short, or temperature is too low, or hot pressing time is too small, single-plate burr groove is too deep, the water content is too high.

Method of treatment: Check the quality of the glue; be careful to apply the amount of glue is moderate and uniform; The first control of the aging time, the appropriate travel pressure with temperature, or extend the hot-pressing moment, the single-board rotary cutting quality, control veneer water content does not cross the planning of rules. 

With regard to the low adhesive strength, bubbling and partial degumming of plywood, the following three points are summarized: the quality of veneer is good, and the water content is low; the hot-pressing process should be reasonable, and the quality and application of adhesives is better.

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