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Solution for color darkening of plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1, to prevent the plywood surface discoloration moldy, should pay attention to moisture, avoid indoor too humid, prevent floods, wet in the rain.Decorative wall Paint construction must be complete, correct, should be wooden nails, avoid direct in the cement thin wood, brick wall surface, so as not to affect the damp and moldy damp influence.

2, after the decoration should prevent drying and detonation of plywood. Avoid long hours of direct sunlight or indoor too dry, the board should avoid air-conditioning sockets or heating, it is easy to make the panel skin too dry and cracked, affecting the life of the panel.

3, when cleaning with a dry cloth or wrung cloth after wiping gently wipe, should avoid the cloth is too wet and make the decorative panel moldy, can not use too large force to wipe the paint of plywood to avoid the aesthetics.

4, to ensure the normal indoor ventilation, so as to avoid indoor long-term excessive drying or damp and affect the service life of decorative panels.

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