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Specification and efficiency of AB grade marine plywood
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Each layer of AB grade marine plywood is glued together, so its environmental friendliness is extremely poor. It is not recommended to use it in home decoration. If it is said that it is suitable for making, then it is most suitable for making the package. In addition, plywood is also suitable for some concrete construction or scaffolding on construction sites. Marine plywood is one of the commonly used materials for high-end furniture. It is a kind of wood-based panel, which can improve the utilization rate of wood and is the main way to save wood. Marine plywood can be used in yacht and shipbuilding industries.

AB grade marine plywood has strong stability and processability, uniform texture and uniform texture, soft and smooth color; adhesive used by Finland imported Taier waterproof glue, tested by SGS laboratory for 3 levels of bonding strength, suitable for boring and milling A variety of complex shapes, is a high-quality choice for the production of high-end furniture, cabinet wardrobes, multi-layer solid wood flooring substrates.

Specifications and specifications of AB grade marine plywood

1. Marine board core: eucalyptus, willow, pine, birch, poplar, mixed wood, mixed core, etc.

2. Ocean board dough: ice candy, Oguman, miscellaneous wood, pine, birch, etc.

3. Ocean board skin grade: BB/CC, BB/BB, etc.



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