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Specification and weather resistance of Marine Plywood for Yacht Building
- Jan 04, 2019 -

The marine board for yacht construction is mainly made of imported glue during the production process. It has excellent weather resistance when used, and can be boiled for 72 hours without opening the glue. In the production, the main use is good eucalyptus, and the core is made of wood as the raw material, and the dough is B grade. The production process is made by vacuuming and pressing drying.

For the construction of marine panels, the surface of the panels will be pasted with various finishing materials. To some extent, please clean the surface of the board with dust, dirt, oil stains, etc., and then polish it with 360# woodworking sandpaper, with professional adhesive for facing materials. Paste. If the air humidity is greater than 80%, it is not suitable for the construction of the pasting facing material.

Specifications and models of Marine Plywood for Yacht Building

1. Marine board core: eucalyptus, willow, pine, birch, poplar, mixed wood, mixed core, etc.

2, ocean board dough: ice candy, Oguman, miscellaneous wood, pine, birch, etc.

3, marine board skin grade: BB / CC, BB / BB, etc.



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