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Surface inspection criteria and precautions formarine plywood for aircraft building industry
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Surface eye inspection acceptance criteria for marine panels for the aviation construction industry

1. No glue, break, and layer.

2. No plate defect

3. No surface repair

4. No discoloration

5. No table board stitching

Precautions for marine panels for aviation construction industry

After cutting or drilling the marine board for the aviation construction industry, please use the water-resistant phenolic series oil shovel to apply the saw edge or hole spacing three times. If there are scratches or bruises, the phenolic hydrazine should be brushed.

Before use, a layer of release agent should be evenly applied on the surface to facilitate demolding and surface cleaning. It also directly affects the surface quality of the concrete. Proper use can extend the life of the template.

After the template is removed, immediately clean it with a non-metallic tool such as a brush or a soft scraper. When storing, the corners are aligned and stacked on the flat floor. The bottom layer has partitions. Do not touch the ground and be well ventilated, while preventing sun exposure. Rain and check regularly.




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