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Weatherproof durability and high strength of sound reducing plywood
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Weatherproof durability of the sound reducing plywood: It has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and no deterioration in performance or quality due to changes in rain water temperature. The product noise barrier is galvanized on the surface of the endurance board, galvanized endurance board, glass wool and H steel column for more than 15 years.

Beautiful sound reducing plywood: a variety of colors and shapes can be combined to coordinate with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape. Assembled construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, and save construction and labor costs.

The sound reducing plywood is convenient: it is installed in parallel with other products, easy to maintain and easy to update. Both ends of the sound absorbing plate are connected and fixed by Φ6.2 steel wire rope to prevent secondary damage, resulting in loss of personnel and property. The sound absorbing panel series has the characteristics of light weight and the quality of the flat meter is less than 20 kg, which can reduce the load bearing capacity of the elevated light rail and elevated road and reduce the structural cost.

Sound insulation board fireproof: Ultra-fine glass wool is used, because of its high melting point, non-flammable, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection regulations, fire protection and other Class A.
High intensity: combined with different climatic conditions in various regions of China, the wind load is fully considered in the structural design. Using 1.0-1. 6mm galvanized sheet, through the numerical control equipment, the groove is pressed to increase the strength, so that the product is resistant to typhoon 10-12, and the pressure is 300kg/m2.


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