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What are the common methods for making plywood?
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The defect of hot and humid production: due to the high water content of veneer, long pressing time and low production rate.

Due to its hot and humid method, the internal stress occurred, the short warping deformation, the adhesion strength is low. 

The defect of dry process is: because of the long tightening time, plywood production cycle is long. More suitable for small business production. Dry heat production: This is a single board with Rotary cut. After monotonous, the water content of the veneer is between ~ and the blank is pressed into the plate during hot pressing. The production characteristics of the method are: high temperature bonding, short time, large output, high bonding strength, good product quality. Plate surface smooth lubrication, not easy to deform. Suitable for all types of adhesive production. 

The approach overcomes the lack of heating and monotonic methods. Production more lively, large, medium and small enterprises can produce, products more suitable for the needs of shopping malls. Thus, plywood produced by domestic and foreign enterprises is usually produced by dry-heat method.

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