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Hot Pressing Process Of Plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The hot-pressing process in the process of plywood processing can be said to be the most important link. Reasonable operation can advance the production power and product quality. During the hot-pressing process, the main parameters are temperature, time, pressure, do a good job of the three standards of the useful control, you can better produce products. Because in this process, the heat will be in the slab from the table into the flow, the water molecule will become vapor and then the wood plasticizing, adhesive also initially cured, after all, the plate in the press to remove, so talent to ensure the correct operation of the project. But before hot-pressing, to see the thickness and ratio of the plate, found that the thickness away from the standard may be defective, it is necessary to adjust the process, severe time and the relevant personnel contact, intermittent material use, as long as this, talent to ensure that the output of high-quality products.

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