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Method For Determining The Strength Of Plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Different types of plywood are also different in their methods of determination. About the 2.1 types of plywood, it should be placed in boiling water for four hours, and to be immersed in the waters, attention to be stamped. Then placed in the 63 degrees Celsius air convection boring box for 20 hours of boring. Then boil it in boiling water for 4 hours, take out the cooling for 10 minutes, and observe whether there is glue phenomenon in the plate cohesion. The method of using 2.2 types of plywood and 2.3 types of plywood is the same, but in hot water the moment and the boring moment are different. The 2.5 type of plywood is primarily determined by the plywood testing machine.

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