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Methods For The Impregnation Of Plywood
- Sep 30, 2018 -

First of all, before the dipping process, the first thing to do is the monotonous treatment, so that the purpose is to remove the water inside the bamboo fiber, so that the monotonous bamboo can absorb more glue, glued to the special-shaped plate is more waterproof, more tough, so soak the bamboo curtain pull out also need to drain the surface of the glue, So you can save the glue, cost savings. 

The dry bamboo curtain needs to be monotonous again, put into the baking room, perhaps the open air is monotonous. Dipping glue is to be woven good bamboo curtain, after the monotonous finish, for each bamboo curtain to dip gum treatment. So through the layer of glue treatment of bamboo curtain, hot plate in the effect of glue will be firmly glued together, waterproof effect is also very good.

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